Thornton Howard, III is Mr. Four Letter



While traveling on Interstate 85 south, I noticed a billboard with directions to a fast-food restaurant that read:  NEXT EXIT THEN LEFT.


How concise and direct, I thought? Four

simple words to find what you want. Oh, if

life were so easy!


I further noticed that each word was a

four-letter word. Not the ones we sometimes

say out of pain and frustration or as a result

of failure or perceived limitation. The words I

read were short, simple, straightforward, and

 could be repeated in any environment……


Since that time I have compiled over 100 four-letter words that I find effective for daily conversation and for getting things done-words that are consistently used in business advertising, character education, sports, medicine, and in fact, everyday life.




I am convinced that reaching our young people at that critical point between childhood and adolescence with a positive message of encouragement along with a healthy dose of critical thinking can mean the difference between success and failure.


Mr. Four Letter is my way to reach and hold the attention of this group. I hope you will help me and countless young lives by exploring what we can do together to create paths and goals that lead toward success.





This truly is just the beginning! Check back often for more information and resources. Also please feel free to contact me at any time for more information.


Thank you,


Thornton Howard, III


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